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Vintage Grandchild Engraved Journal



"Things end but memories last forever."

Give the gift of unforgettable memories with these artisan crafted leather journals. Encourage your grandchild(ren) to write and record precious moments. Perfect for the writers, planners, travelers, poets, artists in your grandchild(ren). 

The inspiring message engraved on the leather cover reads:

"To my Granddaughter / Grandson

Never forget how much I love you
As you grow older
You will face many challenges in life
Just do your best
Life isn't about waiting
For the storm to pass
It's about learning to dance in the rain
Every day may not be good
But find something good in every day
Laugh, love, live
Follow your dreams
Believe in yourself
And remember to be awesome
I'll always be with you"

You don't need a special occasion to give these to your granddaughter or grandson. A heartfelt gift like this reminds us to never take family for granted and to enjoy the precious moments we have with each other.

Get them a gift they will cherish forever!

Comes with 3 card slots, a ziplock insert for your phone or valuables, and a strap to keep your notes safe.


Materials: recycled cotton, cruelty-free PU leather

Size: 7.8 x 4.7 inches, 74 double sided pages (refillable)

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